A beautiful, safe location

Described by many as a ‘home from home’, The Wilderness Centre has been successfully providing outdoor education with accommodation for schools and private groups for 50 years. It has achieved the highest accolade of Gold Standard Centre by the ‘Association of Heads of Outdoors Education Centres’.

The Wilderness’ 30-acre site and Georgian country house have a timeless appeal to all ages. High on the hill there is a feeling of space, looking at the world from a vantage point. Yet it is a private site where comings and goings are easily monitored and group management is straightforward.
Please take a closer look at our facilities

Dedication to learning and growth

Everyone who works at The Wilderness understands that our purpose is to help people learn and grow, whatever your age and regardless of how long your stay. Outdoors education is the focus of what we do, both on-site and off-site. But we’re also keen to make the classroom experience valuable and stimulating, complimenting what is done outdoors.

A clear working relationship with The Wilderness

From the initial phone call through to reviewing the programme, The Wilderness team will work closely with you. We want to understand your goals, the approach you want to take and how we can work with you.

While you’re with us

As a teacher, let us know what’s going to work for you during your visit in terms of supervising the students and being involved in activities. It helps if you let us know about any issues with students on the day. While most of what we do isn’t weather dependant, extreme conditions can cause a change in programme. With this in mind, we ask you to be flexible.

Preparing for your visit

We often meet people who came to The Wilderness as children, often 10 or 20 years ago. It’s extraordinary how much they remember of their stay.

They can remember the activities they did and the rooms they stayed in. They also remember the feeling of freedom compared to school. They say the teachers seemed so relaxed. We think it’s important to keep personal stories in mind when children come up the drive to the house. They will remember what happens here. For many of them it’s something of a rite of passage whre they’ll experience a little more independence. We’ll do all we can to allow this to happen.


Check The Wilderness has all the information asked for about your group. Depending on what your programme involves i.e. dietary, medical

Check that the group is sufficiently equipped for the time of year and, if it’s in the programme, nights away from home. We’re on the top of a hill, which can be cold and windy.