CORPORATE programme

·        What are our ambitions?

·        What do we need to do differently?

·        What are our priorities?

·        What might be holding us back?

·        What do I need to do to have influence and make an impact?

If these are the type of questions you’re asking yourself or are being asked amongst your team then time spent at The Wilderness Centre could be a valuable investment.

Recent neuro-science research shows that being outdoors, amongst trees and meadows, with a view of a far horizon such as there is at The Wilderness, helps us think differently. Creative thinking increases as does clarity about the things that matter. The mind can declutter.

We feel different too, being calmer, less in ‘fight or flight’ mode and more positively engaged in issues facing us.

For these reasons, The Wilderness Centre is an ideal location to find a different perspective, make clear decisions and take new steps.

We have over 20yrs’ experience of designing and delivering programmes focused on team development, leadership development and change capability. We have worked in both private and public sectors, with a wide range of organisations. We’ll use this experience to help make the most of your time here, ensuring it’s a good investment by getting the sustainable results you want.

Team Away Days

Getting away from the distractions of the work environment and focusing on what matters is the essence of a successful team away day. Importantly, however, there have to be tangible results from away days. It’s too easy – and an all too frequent reality - to have a good day, with everyone buzzing, but a month or two later memories fade and the affect has been lost.

At The Wilderness Centre we work with teams on away days to ensure that, as well as new perspectives and ways of working together, they are also action-centred. We do this by working with you on how the day is structured, the activities you may want to do. We can also help facilitate the away day, freeing everyone in the team to focus on business issues.

Leadership Development Programmes

We run a number of leadership development programmes, both for intact teams and groups of individuals:

·        Apprentices and graduates

·        Leading high performing teams

·        Leading high impact change



Our Head of Centre, Simon Dawson, is an experienced leadership coach. He has a diploma in executive coaching and a master’s degree in ‘leading and change in organisations’. Simon has coached directors and senior managers from a wide range of sectors, helping them achieve the breakthroughs they wanted.

The Wilderness Centre is an ideal venue for a coaching session, whether it’s a couple of hours or a full day.

The Venue

The house and grounds are ideal for business events such as away days, team development and leadership programmes. The Wilderness is a place to think differently, to build confidence and clarity while connecting with colleagues.
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The Wilderness Centre is located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester.

This is one of the surviving ancient woodlands in England, lying between the River Severn and River Wye, on the border of England and Wales.

We are an hour’s drive from Bristol, Swindon and Cardiff, less than 30 minutes from Gloucester, which is also the nearest train station with direct routes to London.