School visits

Preparing for your visit

We often meet people who came to The Wilderness as children, often 10 or 20 years ago. It’s extraordinary how much they remember of their stay.

They can remember the activities they did and the rooms they stayed in. They also remember the feeling of freedom compared to school. They say the teachers seemed so relaxed. We think it’s important to keep personal stories in mind when children come up the drive to the house. They will remember what happens here. For many of them it’s something of a rite of passage whre they’ll experience a little more independence. We’ll do all we can to allow this to happen.


Check The Wilderness has all the information asked for about your group

Depending on what your programme involves i.e. dietary, medical

Check that the group is sufficiently equipped for the time of year

and, if it’s in the programme, nights away from home. We’re on the top of a hill, which can be cold and windy.