What to expect

The pace of organisational life, with its constant change and focus on tasks, means that people can get into a rut about how they behave and perform. This is understandable and what happens may be good enough. But if you’re ambitious, both for your organisation and your team, you look at what you can do better.

A programme at The Wilderness will:

  • Give you clarity about your role in your team, with accountability for the actions taken by yourself and your team members
  • Give you a chance to revisit how you behave in a team, what you do that works well and what might be holding you back
  • Allow you to practice adapting how you behave, perhaps focusing on a limiting behaviour, that’ll give you more impact and influence

As much as we can we want your programme to be business focused. Time at The Wilderness is an opportunity to shift perspectives, get to the bottom of issues and accelerate what the team’s doing in the future. As part of that we focus on the team’s behaviour as a whole, the result of which could be:

  • Build trust across the team, which practically makes thing move much more smoothly
  • Build resilience across the team, giving the team the ability to face into difficult issues and challenges

The essence of our programmes is building people’s capability and capacity to get things done that serve their organisation. We work with the real issues you bring, towards the goals you’ve set for the programme. We’ll use a mixture of activity and discussion, moving forward on the task while also paying attention to the behaviour.

In terms of behaviour, we focus on:

  • Positively influencing each other
  • Clear communication
  • Building confidence and trust
  • Taking responsibility and accountability

We work at team and individual level, which means we’ll help the team develop, so it achieves its goals, while individuals will get a clear sense of how they operate within the team.

Our worked is underpinned by years of experience working on leadership development programmes and consulting on major change initiatives. Some were successful, others were not. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We continue to learn, through our experience, study and research. In an area where there are passing fads and fashions, we are rigorous in our approach. We make no assumptions about clients’ ways of working being ‘broken’. Instead of looking for problems, our programmes aim to create solutions.