Preparing for your visit

Our aim is that your time at The Wilderness makes a positive difference to people’s mindset and behaviour back at work.

We also expect that you take something tangible away, written down decisions, plans and actions. We want our programmes to be driven by your business need. It’s important, therefore, that you’ve had time to get clear on what will make a difference and what the need is. Similarly it helps if everyone turns up engaged in what the programme is about. They may not have exactly the same view as each other, but at least they understand the purpose and have thought about what will make the time well spent for them.


Get clarity on what you want to happen as a result of the programme.

What will really make a difference? What’s your ambition?

Get participants engaged in the programme​

Speak to them, ask what they think are important outcomes (coaches from The Wilderness at times carry out interviews, which often help people open up)

Check The Wilderness has all the information asked for about your group​

Depending on what your programme involves i.e. dietary, medical, psychometric questionnaires