For boards, senior managers and teams leading major initiatives

Moving strategy into action

This is about turning ideas into day-to-day actions. Striking the balance between ambition and reality, decisions will be made and actions taken to make the strategy something that people do rather than just talk about

Developing high performance teams

This is about raising the bar for existing teams that need to make a significant contribution or ensuring new teams hit the ground running. Integrated with the team’s existing business plan, clients develop common goals, respect, trust, collective effort and accountability.

Developing influence and impact

When times are complex or uncertain it’s often hard for people to make the best contribution they can. Clients develop communication skills, decision making and influencing that will serve them in the most challenging situations.

Leading change

For leaders at all levels in a business going through major change, it’s important to be working together, as a leadership team. Research shows that 70% of major changes fail to meet their goals because leaders don’t communicate well enough, which leads to people not knowing what’s expected of them. The answer is straightforward, leaders must focus on consistency of message and clarity of approach so that people believe in what’s happening and take the necessary steps to implement the change.