9th June 2015

Well, here I am again! I thought this might be an appropriate time to welcome you to our team.

At the helm we have our owners, Sophie and Daniel Sturdy; you cannot help but love them! The Head of Centre is our one and only action man, Dave Squire. Then there is me!

We also have Becka and Phil Atkins our Site Managers; the fonts of all knowledge. Their son, Josh, does not escape - we have placed our website creation in his capable hands!

And we cannot forget our cook, Nicki Casey – many of you will already know her as she worked at the Centre for years when it was previously under Council ownership. Her knowledge of the Centre is second to none!

Have a look at our Profiles on the website...

Today saw us all meeting up again to discuss progress to date. What was intended to be an hour long meeting pretty much lasted all day! There really is so much to do!!

We are now talking beds and bedding, cookers and hot water boilers, rubbish and recycling, finalising our logo and staff uniforms, to name but a few. You get the message, we are well and truly down to the nitty gritty...

While on the subject... I’d better do some work!

See you soon.

Best wishes

Deborah Blackmore
Office Manager
Posted 9th June 2015